Greatest Mariners, 1938 / 2015.



Dr. Buck Terms Early Polynesians Greatest Mariners World Has Ever Known

HONOLULU, Nov. 29—Dr. Peter Buck, director of the Bishop Museum, last night termed the early Polynesians the greatest mariners the world has ever known.

Dr. Buck, who will leaves soon for Yale University to lecture on primitive religions, spoke at a dinner in his honor attended by almost 200 persons. He was introduced by Frank Atherton.

He said it was probable that some of the early Polynesians reached the shores of America. He traced the possibility in similarity of certain words, such as that for sweet potato itself was brought into the South Seas from the American continent.

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!!! Happy First Anniversary !!!

I’ve been working with social media now, for one year. I would first like to share, I’ve meet some Awesome some people! My global ohana, consist of people from all walks of life. WE are like minded! It’s not just there expertise in what they Do. It’s also, who they Be! I mean, not only beautiful minds…beautiful hearts, and souls!

I think/feel this is what WE need to make the world a better place! Co-creating, doing what my global ohana is Already doing! I also think/feel, social media Will do what others Won’t do! I mean, special interest, governments, religions, etc., have Not been for the people. Since civilization began! Now THEY are the one percent.

WE are the ninety nine percent! I think/feel Now that WE have social media to connect with each other, WE know WE would like basically, the same thing. I mean, my priorities are: Number one is LOVE, two Health, three Money. What is important/significant to me: Number one Family, two what I do for work, three what I do for fun.

So, this is Only the beginning! By being co-creators, WE can cooperate, and collaborate! On making the world a better place. This is generally how WE do this.

For now…I don’t know what to say, except mahalo, and aloha!

I would like, my second year to be coming along. By getting closer to my global ohana, and utilizing all kinds of media to show who WE are!


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